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How the AUTO_MOBILE can be a symbol of progress, for the people?

“…The particle was in front of him. Visible only under a microscope, it
emanated sheer purity and exquisiteness. He touched it carefully with his fingers and
it came to life. Then it began to multiply. A multitude of particles started to combine
into a whole, turning into an automobile construction. The boy was watching in

The automobiles are full of electronics but do they understand what we really
feel? Can they feel our emotions? Can they make us better human beings? Can they
be a symbol of progress?

In my view, the solution to the problem “How can the automobile contribute to
the development of society, apart from its role as a vehicle?’ is the creation of a
completely and totally organic automobile. A living being indeed, created from a
single small particle! Touched by its driver, it starts to divide into millions of other
small particles, and all of them, when combined, form the structure of an automobile.

The particles are the building material of a structure of muscles which goes
from the interior to the exterior and ends with the wheels. They also build up a
transparent shell, which in fact is the car’s exterior. Characterized by dynamism and
power, it can close up everything into a whole while at the same time protecting both
the person inside and the car. The lights are formed by neuron structures under the
shell and they work on the principle of luminescence. Just as all animals can
communicate with each other, so do cars have a language of their own. They form a
social network in which the drivers can communicate with each other through the
medium of their cars.

The driver connects to his vehicle through his nervous system and so he can
control and communicate with the car through nerve impulses. The driver and the car
form a whole, the car being the natural extension of its driver. It can understand him,
feel his emotions and desires…

The connection that they both share is a connection of balance between
Nature and the human beings, helping people to progress, to be better, wiser,

So, this is my conception... Now i think the sketches will be more understandable. :)

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